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Ageless classic.

Oak is timeless and changing. The mild, light Spessart oak has grown slowly on poor soil and has always been our number 1 type of wood. The ring porous oak wood shows best processing characteristics and convinces by its classical optical design. Already in the post-war era, most students were sitting at desks made of Spessart oak. This trend of oak veneers is celebrating its renaissance, while we sell our Spessart oak for the furnishing of the retail stores of a well-known mobile phone manufacturer worldwide. Oak veneers are thus suitable for any project ideas: Are you looking for a suitable wood for your favorite piece of furniture? Are you interested in veneers for your masterpiece? Do you need a timeless veneer for the interior design, wall paneling or entire furniture series? Oak is the answer to all these questions – natural oak veneer, oak antique, oak vintage, rustic oak, smoked oak, oak light brown, oak dark brown, oak black, striped oak, oak with moon ring, oak with cathedral, plainsawn oak, grain-cut oak, oak as split wood, oak as sawn timber. We are oak!