Who We Are

For generations, Mehling & Wiesmann has been a family-owned veneer work and sawmill in the middle of the Spessart. We purchase our timbers in native forests from sustainable forestry, we produce locally and we keep a close eye on trends in the construction and furniture industry. We are reacting with most varied techniques of the wood-refinement. With brands such as chocowood and TrüffelBUCHE we have made a name for ourselves worldwide.
We love our work with this unique and multifaceted resource. We examine every single log personally. Because every tree tells us its own story which often can be more than hundred years old. We consciously select the optimal further processing for every log so that the history will carry on for many years to come. We are pleased if a exceptionally beautiful specimen finds the appropriate project. If, for example, the history of a particularly mild, light Spessart oak is continued as family table in a private house, as reception desk of a museum in Berlin or in a store in Hong Kong and the people are enjoying it.

For generations, for generations

first-class wood for long-living projects

By conviction, we are working at 100 percent with a natural product including all its irregularities. This is exactly what the work with wood makes so attractive. Here, we cannot and will not rest on standard solutions. We will never get tired to show the beauty, liveliness and uniqueness of every single log and to offer our customers real specialty products. This requires lots of effort and patience of our 48 employees every day – but it’s worth it.