Custom Fuming

We are pleased taking your orders for custom fuming of your veneers and lumber.  Our offer includes re-stacking for the fuming process and suction of the leftover ammonia below the values regulated by law.

On request of our customers, a further pressing of the veneers is possible (what we recommend) on a multiple press. We can also offer a new measurement (in case the barcodes are not readable anymore).

If you want to have lumber fumed it should be air-dry, approximately 15-25 % to the fiber saturation point. The flat grain boards of oak lumber should not be fumed because they are most likely to crack.

We dry lumber between 8 and 11.5 %. Residual moisture is checked by a special control process. It is carried out by us on every log (unedged) to determine the timber humidity and you will receive a data sheet with the results.